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Naked As We Came & The Art of Sensual Touch

  • Cascadia Tantra Festival, near Seattle, WA Tahuya, WA USA (map)

We are very excited to be presenters at the inaugural Cascadia Tantra Festival!

EXPERIENCE the strong field of transformation and love that is created when we join our hearts,
honor our bodies and bring sacred intention into all levels of being.

STEP INTO an open, caring community of like-minded souls, and come play with us!
These events are potent moments for increasing hope, vitality and joy, carrying us all forward on our paths.

This 4 day festival offers conscious movement, ceremony, respectful touch,
relationship and communication skills, and tantric practices,
all in a lovely rural wooded retreat center near Seattle, WA.

We have two offerings at the festival:


If anything is Sacred, the human body is Sacred” - Walt Whitman

In our culture, and even amongst our sacred sexuality community, our uneasiness around nudity remains a major barrier to becoming fully sexually integrated beings.  Much of our creative power as sacred sexual beings continues to lay dormant behind our shame with nudity and sex, and there is nothing sacred about shame.  Join Trevor & Jenna for this experiential clothing-optional workshop, where we will:

  • Explore the origins of sexual shame and our awkwardness around nudity

  • Support you to uncover your own personal edge around nudity

  • Facilitate a consensual, no-pressure, de-shaming, Sacred Disrobing Ritual*

  • Celebrate our Divine Temples through a playful Sacred Adornment Practice

*Please note: Your degree of participation in disrobing is completely up to you. This is a consensual, shame-free workshop.


From the moment we are born, touch is essential to our surviving and thriving. You could say that touch is our somatic language of love.  Skin, our body’s largest organ, is made of millions of nerve fibres all of which respond exquisitely to touch.  Sensual touch that is present, embodied and masterful can make the difference between mundane and transcendent connection.  

Join Jenna & Trevor to expand the artistry of your touch and become an even more “sensational” lover. Together we will explore the blocks to experiencing deeper pleasure, yours and your lover’s.

You’ll learn the essentials of present, embodied and masterful sensual touch. We will play with a full range of sensual touch, discover your preferences and pleasures, and offer you practices of how to ask for the touch you crave!

Earlier Event: 10 July
Exploring Sexplicit Conversations