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Into-Me-See – The Path of Vulnerability, Intimacy & Relationships

  • Heart of Tantra Festival, Squamish, BC Squamish (map)

Join us at the 2019 Heart of Tantra Festival in Squamish!

Into-Me-See – The Path of Vulnerability, Intimacy & Relationships

One of our heart’s deepest yearnings is to come into profound intimate communion with all that is…to become one with a lover as an expression of the divine union. On route to this greater intimacy, we all have places where we stop short of exposing ourselves fully for fear of being judged, hurt, or abandoned. Vulnerability is an essential key to connection and when we resist showing all of ourselves we block the flow of intimacy and ecstasy.

Join Jenna & Trevor as they offer a clear road-map for moving beyond your blocks and powerful practices to cultivate loving acceptance, vulnerability and intimacy.

The Heart of Tantra is a 3-day festival in the gorgeous Squamish Valley that gives you the opportunity to connect, share friendships and explore community. It is a playful, loving, safe and inspiring environment where you can express yourself authentically and allow yourself to be fully seen.

Tantra is a way to learn to relate consciously with others, to express yourself, to experience true intimacy with yourself and others, to recognize the Divinity within yourself and others, to experience high states of bliss and to love tenderly, madly and deeply.

Experience the Heart of Tantra Festival in the exquisite, nourishing, natural beauty of British Columbia with a beautiful heart- orientated community as we celebrate the deep inter-connectedness of life. Learn about a variety of topics and activities from the Realm of Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Relationships, Ancient Tantric Rituals, Tantric Yoga, Chi Gung, Taoist Practices, Tantric Meditations, Dance Celebration and much more !

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