Your facilitators, Jenna & Trevor, are an inspiring couple who powerfully embody a healthy, passionate, real-life intimate partnership.

Jenna, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, is a soulful Facilitator, Mediator, and Coach. Trevor, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor, is a seasoned Couples and Sexual Intimacy Therapist, Workshop Facilitator and Keynote Speaker. Together, they blend over 40 years of professional skills with a shared journey of tantra, BDSM, and sexual shamanism. Through private couples work, transformative workshops, and retreats, Jenna and Trevor teach the connection and intimacy skills paramount for cultivating deep partnership and sexual intimacy.

Jenna Card

Jenna Card is a Certified Compassionate Communication Trainer (NVC), skilled Coach, and soulful Facilitator.  Jenna fuses her deep empathic presence and intuitive clarity with ritual and somatic practices for a transformative experience. Working with Jenna can be likened to the alchemy of being & doing ~ light & shadow ~ feminine & masculine ~ expansive heart & laser focus.  As a 25-year veteran of the corporate world, she has transformed her life into an expression of love and joyful service guiding others in their own heart-centered journeys.  Jenna’s diverse experience includes facilitating collaborative group work, formal training in Nonviolent Communication, Coaching, Mediation, Sexual Shamanism (ISTA), Wilderness soul practices, Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training.
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Trevor Warren

Trevor Warren has a Master’s of Arts Degree (M.A.) in Counselling Psychology, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (R.C.C.) and a Certified Relationship Specialist (C.R.S.). As a seasoned marriage counsellor, relationship therapist and workshop facilitator with over 25 years of direct counselling experience working with over a 1,000 couples, Trevor has earned the reputation of Relationship Expert in the field of couples counselling and sex therapy in Vancouver and Western Canada. Trevor is also the founder and clinical director of CoreQuest Counselling Group (est. 1996).  He is also a sought after public speaker, and has had several media interviews on Global, City TV, and Z95.3 on topics related to sex and relationships.
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