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Deep down, we ALL want the same thing. If we take the time and are honest with ourselves, we will ALL arrive at the same fundamental conclusion; the quality of our lives is ultimately determined by the quality of our relationships. Beyond our busy lives and important projects, what we crave most is an intimate relationship with deep connection, great communication, a sense of security, and sexual passion. Jenna & Trevor believe this is possible for ALL of us.

So if you know you’re yearning for more with your partner, join us and Go Deeper!


A 3-Day Residential
Intimacy Retreat for Couples
Fall 2020
Vancouver, Canada

Jenna and Trevor are a truly dynamic duo in the world of love, sexual intimacy and heart-centred relating! Their presence, playfulness and real-life relationship wisdom brought our relationship to a whole new level of passion. Thank you both so much!
— M.B.

 Private Sessions
& 3-Day Immersions

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I came to the Immersion quite skeptical and am leaving confident and positive that our relationship can and will improve.
— A.S.



The fire of deep intimate relationship is fuelled by the two primary languages of connection - TALK and TOUCH. The way we communicate and the way we have sex is at the very core of who we are as human beings in passionate partnership.